Welcome to Star Class

Star Class is our Reception and Year 1 class. Star Class has a very creative and enthusiastic teacher, Mrs Tomsett and 2 wonderful teaching assistants, Mrs Hall & Mrs Payne.


Term 4     

‘A Bear Hunt’ 

Bears will be a familiar theme running through our learning in Star Class this term. Our role play area is now a Teddy Bears Camp. The children will be able to develop their creativity and communication by role playing amongst other things camping, a bear hunt and a teddy bears picnic. 

Topic (History)  – The History of the Teddy Bear and Other Toys. 

We will learn about the first Teddy Bear. About fictional bears from our parents and grandparents child hood i.e. Winnie the Pooh, Paddington and Rupert and about other toys that children used to play with in the past. We will investigate the similarities and differences. 


We will listen to and become familiar with a wide range of Bear themed story books. Some more in depth learning will focus on We’re going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen, Where’s my Teddy by Jez Alborough, Brown Bear Brown Bear and Polar Bear Polar Bear by Eric Carl. We will be focusing on who is in the story, where is the story set and when is the story happening by following the language through colour system. Year 1s will continue to broaden their development of sentence structure as well as handwriting, spelling and punctuation.  Reception children will also be developing their story structure through verbal retelling and sequencing of the stories. In the last week of term we will be having a Paddington Bear week, creating a new adventure for the little bear. 

 Maths – We will be very busy! 

Year 1s will continue to develop their understanding of the following topics 

  • Week 1 Number and place value 

  • Week 2 Addition and subtraction  

  • Week 3 Multiplication and division  

  • Week 4 Geometry and properties of shape, position and direction 

  • Week 5 Measurement 

  • Week 6 Addition and subtraction 

EYFS will continue to learn in teacher led small groups and consolidate through carefully set up activities to support child initiated learning through the early years curriculum. 

  • Week 1 understanding and using numbers to 20 

  • Week 2 comparing weights  

  • Week 3 shape investigation 

  • Week 4 numbers comparing and counting 

  • Week 5 money and solving practical problems 

  • Week 6 time detectives 


This term we will be exploring everyday materials and linking this to solving problems for our Teddy Bears. How to keep them warm and dry. What makes a good bear?  

  • Distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made. 

  • Identify and name a variety of everyday materials, including wood, plastic, glass, water and rock. 

  • Describe the simple physical properties of a variety of everyday materials. 

  • Compare and group together a variety of everyday materials on the basis of their physical properties. 


We will be learning some of the stories from the Old Testament that are important to both Jews and Christians and we will be learning about why Easter is an important time in the Christian calendar. 

As well as phonics, reading, PE, PSHE, Music, Art and DT and Computing.  
That’s about it! 


  • Coats, jumpers  and PE bag. Thank you most are named , we do have the occasional item that goes missing  and is usually found in someone else’s PE bag. Please bear with, as these things sometimes  happen.

  • Water bottles,

Thank you, most children bring them daily and most have names on.

If someone different is collecting your child from school please could you note it on a piece of paper and hand it to myself or Mrs Hall, otherwise please ring the office to let us know.

Please feel free to pop in and have a look at our displays, particularly if your child is enthusiastic about something they have done at school. We are always happy to see you.

Kind regards,

Mrs Tomsett, Mrs Hall & Mrs Payne