Moon Class Curriculum – Term 4

Term 4
Welcome to term 4, our topic for this term is mountains, maps and rivers, we will be exploring this topic through the eyes of our favourite mythical beast’s dragons! Something amazing has happened over the holidays, a dragon has found our little village a suitable place to make a nest and lay her very precious egg, lots will be happening around the school so listen out to reports of our dragon egg. This terms home learning project will be to create a dragon inspired project, this can be anything from making your own 3d dragon, to creating a guide book to dragons, it can be as large or small as you desire but remember to be imaginative! We look forward to sharing these in class.

We are finishing off exploring measurement, length, perimeter and area. Children will be very practical in this part of their maths learning, measuring the playground, classroom and other objects. They will then apply their understanding of area and perimeter to solve word problems involving measurement. Then, we will move on to explore fractions. We will start with practical methods and understand fractions as division and then move on to exploring equivalent fractions and solving word problems. Finally, we will be looking at decimals, we are looking at becoming fluent in our understanding of decimals and being able to transfer our understanding to solve practical problems.

We have an exciting topic in English this term as I have mentioned we are being inspired by dragons! This term will start by us discovering dragons have nested in the school grounds, we will develop our own descriptions of dragons, their settings, the character ‘dragon hunter’, we will eventually write our own dragon stories and create our own ‘guide to dragons of the British Isles’. We will then move on to looking at our class reading book ‘Icefire’ which is a story about a writer who gets drawn into a magical world of dragons. Finally, we will be exploring Pie Corbett’s dragon poems, our focus will be on adventurous language and consolidating the use of similes, metaphors and alliteration.

Every day the children will be carrying out reading tasks to help develop their skills at reading to retrieve and ensure they are understanding what they are reading. Our new style of guided reading is called reciprocal reading and focuses on children’s fluency and pace in reading, as well as their understanding of the story. We encourage children to read at home as much as possible, ideally every night for a short period of time. If free-readers need advice on relevant and interesting books they are encouraged to discuss with a member of staff in year 3 and 4.

Our topic this term is mountains, maps and rivers through the eyes of our dragon, children will go on adventures with our dragon, whilst learning about the features of mountains and rivers.  They will have the opportunity to use maps to locate mountains and rivers around the world.  They will investigate erosion and understand that landscapes can change.  The children will also be exploring maps, how to read maps and even creating their own maps.

Children will have the opportunity to begin learning how to touch type.  They will also be practising research skills and recapping word processing skills such as copy and pasting, changing the size and style of the font.

We will start by creating our own dragons using water colours to help the topic get underway. They will then research and recreate a landscape which the dragon may fly over in the style of Van Gogh.  Finally, we are designing and making our own dragon eggs.

Children will be recapping colours and numbers to 10.  They will also learn how to introduce themselves and role playing greeting new people.

This term our topic in Science is states of matter, we are looking at the difference and the relationship that solids, liquids and gases have. We will be exploring, testing and developing our ideas through practical experiments.

This term we are studying Salvation, we are looking at the ‘big story’ and how Jesus’ sacrifice bought salvation to us. We will be learning about the Holy week and how we celebrate Easter as Christians, and what the Church services look like over the Easter period.