Welcome to Moon Class

Year 4 – Moon Class has two very talented teachers, Mrs Harris, and Mrs Young with a wonderful teaching assistant, Mrs Baker. (Mrs Donohoe is currently on maternity leave) .

Term 4


This term our creative topic has a history focus, with sensitive study of a range of aspects of World War I and its importance as a significant turning point in World and British history. This will include the start of the war, what life was like for soldiers and those who stayed at home, the development of aeroplanes and the origins of a national day of remembrance. The children are encouraged to bring and share any family memorabilia linking to these events such as letters, medals, photographs, and other artefacts to create a ‘class museum’.  We would love to see, share and value them.


Our main numerical focus is decimal numbers, to 2 decimal places. We will apply our learning about these to further work about money and also length, including converting units of length, and solving real life problems linked to these areas. In addition, links will be made to calculating the perimeter and area of composite rectilinear shapes.


We will be basing all our Literacy work around the text ‘War horse’ by Michael Morpurgo, which links beautifully with our topic about World War I.  Through this we will study aspects of fictional writing as well as letter and diary writing.  We will also be exploring role play and drama techniques to inspire and support creative writing.


Our topic of electricity is very practical and will include: Identifying appliances that run on electricity, constructing simple series circuits and identifying and naming basic parts. This knowledge will be extended by the addition of a lamp and switch, recognising that a switch opens and closes a circuit and how this determines whether or not a lamp lights. In addition, we will investigate some common conductors and insulators.


The RE focus is Jesus and his teachings – That Jesus used stories, called parables, to help people understand what he wanted to teach them and that Christians believe that God has given rules for them to follow. This will lead to discussions about rules and society and how a group/community or society can only work properly with a set of rules to work.


The children will continue their lessons provided by Team Theme. They will be attending weekly swimming lessons for this term, and next.

Other information 

Please remind your child that he/she should bring their reading book and record to school every day. Also, homework books are given out on Friday and should be returned to school by the following Thursday. Spelling and tables are checked and new ones given on Friday. 

It would be wonderful if the children could have an old pair of trainers or shoes in school this term because we hope to do more outside learning and a woodland walk when Spring begins.   

Thank you.  

Mrs Harris, Mrs Young and Mrs Baker