Our Vision

Our shared vision is to make every person here experience success.

We provide a broad and balanced education for all the children in our care and aim to create a happy, caring and stimulating learning environment in which all children can grow in self esteem and fulfill their potential as human beings.

In particular we aim, by learning together, to:

  • Develop a love of learning and a desire to continue building on skills and knowledge throughout our lives.

  • Teach children to think for themselves.

  • Encourage emotional development through the support and care shown by others in school.

  • Encourage mutual respect and help people to learn to live together in a community, showing sensitivity to the differences between each other.

  • Help all children to become responsible independent people who are able to look at and think deeply about the world around them.

  • Foster a sense of moral responsibility and self discipline.

  • Develop spiritual awareness and an awe of the universe.

  • Widen experiences in order to raise aspirations.

  • Involve parents as partners in learning and work together.


We can all achieve, we are all SMART. We are all unique!

“Small is Beautiful”

Goodnestone Church of England Primary School

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