In the ideal world complaints would not exist. We do not, however, live in an ideal world and complaints can arise from time to time despite our best efforts.

Most complaints can be resolved through the class teacher or secretary as a matter of routine.
Where a parent is dissatisfied after initial contact and wishes to take the matter further the first approach should be to the Headteacher, Mr Tobin Wallace-Sims.

If after the first approach the complainant is dissatisfied with the decision or outcome then the next step is a formal written complaint to the Clerk of Governors.

All complaints will be followed up in writing within 4 weeks whether a meeting is held with the complainant or not. A judgement about whether a meeting with the complainant could prove useful will be made on receipt of the complaint.

An acknowledgement will be sent to the parent within 3 days explaining who is dealing with the complaint and when they can expect a full reply.

Should the complainant wish to take the matter further they are free to involve the Area Education office.