Star Class Term 4




Welcome back!

As your child’s new teacher this summer term – please feel free to come and chat at the end of the day if you have any questions or concerns.   If your child is in Year 2, I will be running a KS1 booster SATs class every Tuesday morning from 8.30am until 9am starting on Tuesday 24th April. Please let me know if your child would like to attend.

This term there we are heading off to the ‘Seaside!’


Key texts this term will include ‘Flotsam’ by David Wiesner and ‘Dougal’s Deep-Sea Diary’ by Simon Bartram.   We will be focusing on writing for a range of purposes including diary entries, recounts, information texts and poetry. The children will be encouraged to feel proud and positive about their writing in order to build stamina to enable them to write longer pieces.   We will be looking at ways to edit and improve writing through shared, whole class and guided writing techniques. Children will be encouraged to use dictionaries and thesauruses and as always, we will continue to focus on daily handwriting, phonics, grammar, punctuation and spelling.   Please continue to help your child practice their spellings at home – it really does help.


Please encourage your child to read as often as possible at home, even short, daily 10-15 minutes reading sessions can make a huge difference to a child’s reading progression! We will continue to send books home with your child and it would also really help if you were able to listen to them.   Asking your child questions when they are reading can allow them to further explore the story and practise their ability to interpret information. Reciprocal reading will continue to happen every day to enable pupils to read regularly with an adult. Pupils will also be able to read individually with an adult at least once a week. Book bags should be brought to school every day so that we listen to readers, ensuring we are able to support your child as much as possible.


This term, Year 1 will be focusing on place value and Year 2 on statistics, both year groups will investigate efficient methods for problem solving. Year 1 will use concrete resources to enable them to count, partition, compare and order numbers. Year 2 will make tally charts, draw pictograms and block diagrams and learn how to interpret them.   Please continue to support your children by practicing their times tables (2s, 5s and 10s) and their number bonds to 20, 50 and 100.




Our topic this term is: ‘Animals including Humans.’ We will learn how to identify animals and put them into groups – mammals, fish, amphibians, birds and reptiles and understand how some animal babies need to be fed and cared for by their parents. We will order the stages in human life – baby, toddler, child, teenager and adult. We will also classify and sort food into groups and create a food pyramid. We will record a food diary, collect and present data and evaluate our diets.


Our theme this term is called ‘Besides the Sea’ and there will be a focus on Geography and History. We will learn how to use maps and atlases and we will go on a journey around Britain and the world to discover where our sea-sides are? We will look at the features of sea-side resorts to find out what makes them special. We will also step back in time to see how British sea-sides have changed over the years.

Physical Education

PE will take place on a Thursday with Team Theme and on either Tuesday or Wednesday we will play team games and learn about the importance of playing together. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school.


This term we are learning about Islamic faith. We will be asking questions such as ‘Who was the Prophet Muhammad and why is he important to Muslims?’ and ‘What happens in a mosque?’


This term we will be focusing on seascapes and the underwater world.


We will continue to focus on healthy lifestyle choices with a particular emphasis on eating healthy food.