Meet the Teachers

The children have created their own images of the staff at Goodnestone CoE Primary School. They were asked to write a profile of each staff member. We feel that this way you will get a true picture to what it is like to be a child at our school.

Mr Tobin Wallace-Sims: Headteacher


“He is a very nice Head Teacher to have” Orlando, aged 8

“He is really nice because he always looks out for people” Lola, aged 7

“He always wears really posh stuff” Elliott, aged 7

“He teaches us lots of things” Sienna, aged 7


Mrs Caird: Head of School


“She is nice because she helps people” Freddy, aged 6

“She always has a smile on her face” Toby, aged 7

“She is a really nice Head Teacher” Tilly, aged 7

Mrs Tomsett – Star Class – Years R, 1 & 2


“She’s a good teacher, she helps me” Finn, aged 6

“Mrs Tomsett is a very lovely person” Rosie, aged 4

“She is the best!” Neve, aged 5


Mrs Amelia Donohoe – Moons – Year 3 & 4


“She is a very good teacher” Toby, aged 8

“Mrs Donohoe is very funny” Tilly, aged 7

“She always teaches us in fun ways” Poppy, aged 6

Mrs Karen Young  – Moon Class – Year 3 & 4


“Funny and encouraging” Ralph, aged 8

“Kind, funny and caring teacher” Jake, aged 8

“She always smiles and helps you when you are stuck” Esme, aged 8

 Miss Lily Hewitt –  Sun Class – Years 5 & 6


” Really helpful, best teacher ever!” Bella, aged 9

” Miss Hewitt helps me with my work when I’m struggling, and she is very kind and beautiful ” Charley, aged 10

” A lovely teacher” Luis, aged 10