Goodnestone CE Primary School’s vision is to be an “Inclusive learning community, rooted in God’.

To fulfil our vision Goodnestone CE Primary School promotes the Christian values of wisdom, trust, hope, peace and friendship. We believe that these Christian values are fundamental to the learning journey of our pupils and both schools. Pupils learn about our Christian values and their roots in the Bible and the work of Christ.

Through the promotion of our Christian values the school develops pupils that are compassionate, considerate, empathetic, supporting, open-minded, patient, accepting, understanding, driven, purposeful, eager, successful, active, thoughtful, resilient, motivated, distinctive, confident, imaginative and creative.

This is because the Goodnestone CE Primary School’s mission is to:

  • Develop a love for learning within our pupils
  • Develop our pupils’ talents and widen their experiences
  • Ensure that strong relationships are built between pupils and within the school and the wider community
  • Develop spiritual awareness and encourage mutual respect, showing sensitivity to the differences between each other
  • Ensure our pupils are able to contribute positively to modern life in Britain

The core purpose of our school is learning. We ensure learning behaviour is maximised so pupils are able to grow.

Our teachers use the Visible Learning (John Hattie, 2012) mindframes to reflect on the developments within our schools. These are;

  • Teachers believe that their fundamental task is to evaluate the effect of their teaching on pupils’ learning and achievement
  • Teachers believe that pupils’ success is about what they do as teachers
  • Teachers talk more about learning
  • Teachers see assessment as feedback about their impact
  • Teachers engage in dialogue
  • Teachers enjoy the challenge of making a difference to learning
  • Teachers believe that it is their role to develop positive relationships in the school
  • Teachers inform everyone about the language of learning

Classes within Goodnestone CE Primary School share a common language of learning. High quality learning occurs when our pupils demonstrate our learning values of curiosity, resilience, resourcefulness, perseverance, reflectiveness and collaboration. When our pupils are learning they wonder, explore, question, think, share and connect.