Sun Class Curriculum – Term 6

Sun Class Term 6 Newsletter

In term 6, we will be consolidating and developing our fluency in our times tables and the
application of the four operations: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. We will also
be developing our understanding of place value by applying our mathematical knowledge to real
life contexts and applying mathematical subject to a range of contexts.

The focus of English will be based upon our school play- ‘Robin Hood’. We will be applying our
high level punctuation to a range of writing styles, including: a description, a fact file and
narratives. We will then be looking at film trailers, reviewing them and discussing what makes a
successful film trailer. This will then enable us to develop our own film trailer using technology.
We will be having a huge push on joined-up, neat handwriting- preparing pupils for next year.

Topic/ Science
Although we will be focusing on our school play – ‘Robin Hood’ – our topic this term is Evolution.
Pupils will be looking at how humans and other animals have evolved over time and the
features that have helped them to adapt to their environment. We will be reviewing this in
person, when attending our school trip – to Howett’s- and discussing the similarities and
differences in animals. In addition to this, we will be looking at the human body and how it
changes with age.

This term, pupils will review their ukulele skills. They will be focused on putting the different
chords together in order to form a variety of songs. They will be reviewing note formation and
how to read music appropriately. We will also be developing our confidence when singing,
pupils will be learning and practicing the songs, from their school play.

In RE, we will finish looking at Judaism and discussing Jewish festivals. We will then be looking
at Islam and the beliefs of the religion. We will be discussing traditions and symbolic meanings
of the religion before (hopefully) asking an Iman some questions.

Home learning
The focus this term, will be learning lines for our school play and creating things to aid us in our

Reading is a vital part of the curriculum and development of your child’s learning. Fluency in
reading, coupled with developing comprehension can allow pupils to expand their vocabulary
and allow pupils to explore their imagination. Pupils should be reading for at least 10 minutes a
day. If your child is reading independently, please encourage him/her to clarify unfamiliar word -meanings or pull out information from the text.