Welcome to Sun Class

Sun Class is our Year 5 and 6. Sun Class has a wonderful teacher, Miss Lily Hewitt  and two fantastic teaching assistants, Mrs Sam Parsons and Miss Mitchell.


Term 4

Science: Forces. Testing homemade parachutes, teddy sleds and working with the giant class parachute.

R.E: Jesus’s authority, Lent and the Easter story.

Maths: Problem solving, weight (including cooking in class), decimals, percentages, data handling and creating surveys. Measuring perimeters and area in playground.

English: Poetry; haikus, calligrams, free verse, list poetry. Biography of Anne Frank, narrative suspense stories. Diary entries.

Topic: Geography this term. Creating 3D topological features, mapping the village, orienteering outside. Reading maps and map features. Interactive Google Map explorations.

Music: Young Voices 2017 songs and dancing. Songs from musicals. Pentatonix beatboxing and A Capella singing.

Art/D.T: Collages with maps, watercolour landscapes, origami, bird feeders, cooking pancakes.

PSHE: Resilience and persistence when faced with difficult situations. Growing up and changes. Being a good friend.

Other activities: weekly yoga and mindfulness sessions. French as a Modern Foreign Language. Weekly TeamTheme P.E.


Rewards and prizes: As well as the weekly school sertificate, there is a range of rewards in Sun Class.

Individual: raffle tickets for great behavior and trying hard. These can be given individually at any time or after gaining stamps in lessons.

Extra playtime

Note home to parents

Table: Each lesson, the most hard-working is given the class Oscar.

Class: Marbles are earnt for excellent co-operation and great mindsets. These work towards a whole class treat, such as a voted-for movie and yummy treats.


Notes: Please make sure that P.E is in school every Monday morning as otherwise children cannot take part in indoor P.E or yoga.


Miss Hewitt, Miss Mitchell & Mrs Parsons